Sweetgarden distribution network fully covers all of supermarkets, and thousands of groceries and convenience stores in the UAE and Oman. The head office manages the company’s vast network of local and foreign branches through its modern, centrally integrated online ERP system. Aal Mir operates through its various channels of distribution:

Supermarket Sales

Supermarket salesmen and merchandisers are responsible for sales in the UAE and Oman, through their routine visits to the hundreds of customers, ranging from the airports’ duty-free shops to hypermarkets.

van sales

Van sale

Van sales department operates around 30 temperature controlled vans to distribute confectionary products throughout the UAE and Oman, on door-to-door basis, to all groceries and convenient stores.

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Showroom Sale

Aal Mir showrooms generate direct sales to diverse group of clients. Showrooms are located in several locations across the UAE and Oman.

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Export Department

The department handles exports to various Gulf countries, India, Pakistan and certain African countries. Goods are either shipped from Dubai or directly from the manufacturer to the customers’ destinations.

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